Alka-Shan's Callico
Registration VDH/DCNH-SH 89 5797
whelped 1989-09-30, agouti, blue eyes
size 59.5cm, racing weight 25kg, HD: A1, eyes checked
Working Certificat: distance open (92/93)

Topleader in his prime years, with unbroken spirit till old age.

When Agor, the “life insurance”-leader retired, the job was left to Callico. Running with co-leader “Arctic Sound Guitka”, a female and full sister to “Arctic Sound Gilak”, he lead the team to new performance levels. Winning the “Empire”, “Elton 80”, “Enduro” etc. in 1995 topped the performance of a well seasoned team in the US. Back in Europe, at the age of 10, Callico lead the Alka-Shan-team to victory at the middle distance polardog championship 1999 in Sweden. Still going strong, he then was a puppy trainer and studdog. In his kennel he ran always a very social regimen.

Some of his pups are on the overly enthusiastic (“crazy”) side. He produced a high percentage of leaders when bread to a strong minded female.