Training in Sweden

There are quite a few places in Sweden and Norway, where you can rent a room or cabin and will find trails to train your dogs on.

You have to make your choice on what you want most. However, if it comes to perfectly prepared trails, there is only one place - Lillholmsjö (you may ask swedish mushers). We have included some pictures and comments and will try to complete those in the future. At this time there is no homepage available yet for Lillholmsjö, but you may contact Nils-Erik and Elsa by e-mail.

By the way, if you have experienced the scandinavian way of cooking, you will value Elsa´s meals!

Nearby (about 20-some km) you will find the place of Kjell Danneval. You can find information on his homepage. We haven´t been on the trails, but the apartments were just great. And then, Lillhomsjö isn´t that far.