Amurtigern Taitaz

Registration SE4692/2010
Whelped 2010-02-28
Color agouti and white
Eye color(s) brown
Size 59,5 cm
Racing weight 23 kg
Eyes Clear (2017)
Working certificate DO
Show result Excellent
DNA-Profile yes!

! SHC - Breeding permission !

Tiger is a stud of Malin Sundin's Kennel Ylvajärvis.
He is a true allrounder! Sprint, MD, LD, e.g. Norway-Trail, Polardistans 300 (3rd in 2013), Polardistans 160 (1st in 2012, in Lead), Polardistans 300 Pulka (3rd in 2016).
A cool, tough male, good trail finder, always reliable worker, absolutely (!) social and with outstanding movement!

Tiger will be available for breeding in our kennel from now on over the summer.. Don't wait too long ..

Breeding inquiries please to abw(at)