Registration VDH/SHC 2010 3980
Whelped 2010-06-29
Color black-brown-white
Eye color(s) blue
Size 57 cm
Racing weight 23 kg
Eyes Clear (2012)
Working certificate DO
Show result Excellent
DNA-Profile yes

Dusty is a smooth moving male, which is absolutely calm in the kennel and in the house, that he loves so much. He feels, he is the coolest guy of all on the block and he is also dedicated to raising puppies.
In the team he evolved to one of our most hard driving dogs. When hitching up, he shows no emotion and likes to roll in the grass or snow. But after the “Go” he is off like a bullet. We never have seen him stressed in any situation. Only if we do not take him on the team, he feels punished.
Dusty ran among other races in the International Scandinavian Stage Race 2016 (1st purebred) and in Polardistans 160 in 2016 (EC, 3rd) and 2017 (WC, 6th).